Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment
Root Canal Treatment in Encino, CA at Encino Dentistry
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Root Canal Treatment in
Encino, CA

A root canal is a restorative dental procedure that saves millions of teeth from being extracted each year. Root canal treatment involves removing the damaged pulp and nerves from inside the tooth to eliminate bacteria and prevent the infection from spreading. If you have an infected tooth, root canal treatment may be able to save it.

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What to expect during a root canal treatment:

Root canal therapy is a treatment for the canals inside a tooth that are infected or inflamed from decay. It is a relatively simple procedure to alleviate discomfort and pain and prevent further dental-related problems. The root canal process can take a few hours to complete, but it is definitely worth it for a healthy bite. The more you know about what to expect during your root canal, the better prepared you will be. Knowing what to expect during your root canal may help you feel more relaxed and comfortable as well.

  1. Diagnostic X-rays
    Before beginning your root canal, your healthcare provider will take dental X-rays of the affected tooth.
  2. Anesthesia
    First, local anesthesia is given to numb the infected tooth and the surrounding gums.
  3. Dental dam placement. 
    A rubber dam is a latex strip that is put over your teeth to cover them from any saliva, blood, and other fluids in the mouth. It then prevents you from inhaling those items.
  4. Access hole
    The access hole is a tiny hole that is drilled into the tooth. The dentist places a small tube called an endoscope through the hole to see inside the tooth.
  5. Pulp removal
    The dentist will use tiny dental instruments to remove the nerves, blood vessels and tissues inside the tooth.
  6. Shaping the canals
    The shaping of the canals is done to make sure that the root canal filling is done in a way that it is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functional.
  7. Filling the canals
    The empty canals are then filled with a flexible, rubbery dental material called gutta-percha. The gutta-percha is heated and shaped to fit the shape of the canal.
  8. Sealing the tooth.
    A temporary dental filling is placed to seal the tooth and prevent bacteria from re-entering. This is done before a permanent filling can be applied.
  9. Placing the final restoration
    In most cases, you’ll need a dental crown to protect the treated tooth and restore your bite. The procedure for placing the final restoration starts with removing any remaining cement or temporary material from the tooth and preparing the area to receive your new crown. Your dentist will take an impression of your teeth and send it to a lab where they will create your custom crown. The lab technician will then send it back to your dentist for placement and adjustment before sending it back to you.

What should I expect after a root canal?

In the first few days after a root canal, you may experience sensitivity to hot and cold foods, drinks and other things. This is likely due to the temporary nerve damage that your tooth has experienced. It should go away in a few days as your body heals itself. The most important thing is to avoid any kind of oral contact with your tooth until it has fully healed.

What to ask your dentist during your Root Canal Treatment Consult:

  1. What is Root Canal?
  2. What are the signs of a Root Canal Infection?
  3. What causes a Root Canal Infection?
  4. What is the procedure for getting root canal treatment?
  5. What are some common risks associated with root canal therapy?
  6. How long does Root Canal treatment take?
  7. What is the long term effect of root canal treatment?

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