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Teeth Cleaning & Dental Check-up at Encino Dentistry
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Dental Check-Up Visit

American Dental Association recommends that you visit your dentist at least twice a year. Regular exams are vital to assess possible problems such as gum disease, oral cancer, cavity development.

What to expect during a dental exam?

Maintaining your oral health is top priority for us at Encino Dentistry. Managing small problems and eliminating them is crucial in avoiding serious health issues such as tooth loss, gum disease and oral cancer. So call us today to schedule an exam, and let us maintain your smile to last a lifetime.

  1. Oral Cancer Screening
    We provide a thorough oral cancer screening, both visually and a VELSCOPE Screening.
  2. Diagnostic X-rays
    A series of diagnostic x-rays will be taken so we can analyze the condition of your teeth and bone structure.
  3. Jaw issues
    We check for any possible bite problems or jaw issues.
  4. Check for Cavities
    A tooth-specific exam is also provided to all of your teeth to check for cavities, examine the condition of other dental work, and identify cracked or missing teeth.

Importance of getting a comprehensive dental exam

  • To detect possible health risks such as gum disease and oral cancer
  • To prevent tooth loss
  • To maintain good physical health

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You should see a dentist at least twice per year, or every six months, for an exam to check for any problems in the teeth or gums. If you’re at a high risk for dental problems, you’ll likely benefit from more frequent dental visits. Dental cleanings and exams allow dentists to identify problems and take care of them right away. Schedule your appointment today

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